Product Designer, Digital Marketer,
Brand Strategist.

I am business designer that helps business communicate better with people online.

What is a business designer? As a business designer I concern myself with three key areas: the product, the sales process and the marketing strategy. It is my goal to bring people unaware of a brand all the way to being loyal customers that are my evangelists.

My showcase will illustrate the types of businesses I have worked on and am working to illustrate that the secret to dominating a market lies in the process you follow.

I invite you to browse my site and encourage you to reach out, if you want to get to know me a bit better and find out how I can help you become internet famous.


Health Needs Nursing
We Love Local
House Sitting NZ

We Love Local

I co-founded We Love Local with my partner Marielle. We create curated gift boxes filled with Wellington made products. Our goal is to support local businesses.


I led paid advertising and web strategy for BizDojo, New Zealand's largest coworking community and brand in New Zealand. In 2018 BizDojo was acquired by IWG, a publicly listed company from United Kingdom.


Problem Marketing solves: How do people find my brand?

  • Paid Advertising Campaign
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Social Media Marketing


Problems product development solves: How smooth if the experience for my client?

  • Analytics &¬†UX testing
  • Website Development &¬†Optimisation
  • Automation


Problem sales strategies solve: How do we get most visitor to convert to customers.

  • Sales conversion optimisation
  • Sales worfklow optimisation
  • Retargeting